Just A Little Walk In The Woods

with the Delta Raiders

Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)


Airborne Trooper Saves Girl

From the Brigade Bullet - 15 August, 1971

Complements of Donald Voytek

As our story begins, little Red Riding Hood is leaving her hootch with a basket of chop-chop to take to her sick grandma-san.

As she skips along the trail to grandma-san's hootch, the Hood is confronted by a wolf.

"Dun Lai," shouts the wolf. " Where are you going, baby-san, and what have you in that basket?"

"To grandma-san's hootch," replied the frightened Hood. "Come on, cut me some slack. There's only ti-ti chop-chop in the basket for my sick grandma-san."

"Then di-di, and never come this way again. You bic?"

"How you gonna act?" thought the Hood, as she di-di'd toward grandma-sans.

But that wasn't EVEN the last time Little Red Riding Hood saw the wolf. As the Hood runs to grandma-san's hootch, the wolf trips through the wire and arrives there first.

As the story goes, the wolf chows down on grandma-san, dresses in same-same's pajamas and jumps into the rack to await the Hood. When the Hood arrives, she knocks on the door and enters.

"Chou, grandma-san. What's happening? I've brought you some chop-chop. Here knock yourself out."

As she places the basket next to the bed, she does a double-take and exclaims, Choi-oi! What big eyeballs you have!"

"There it is," says the wolf. "All the better to see you with."

"And you ears are big to the max," comments the Hood.

"Check it out. All the better to hear you with."

"And beaucoup teeth!"

"All the better to eat you with," howls the wolf, as he leaps from the bed and trips over the basket. As the wolf struggles to free his feet from the basket, papa-san bust into the hootch with his "16", flips it to rock and roll and does the wolf a damn-damn. Really blows him away.

"Airborne," shouts the Hood.

"ALL THE WAY," replies papa-san.

Papa-san is a man of few words.


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