Just A Little Walk In The Woods

with the Delta Raiders

Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

Raiders "Lighten The Load"

Compliments of Terry Schaefer (3rd Plt. Medic, 1971/72)


On December 1st the Delta Raiders, innovators in emphasizing a newly instituted program to "lighten rucks", displayed their wares before a large audience of eager observers. CPT Montano, D Company Commanding Officer, provided expert instruction on planned ruck packing. LTC Leuer's "beans and bullets" approach, once explained to this reporter as he packed his own ruck on FSB T Hawk, emphasizes "essentials". Captain Montano's interpretation of the theory encourages an organization and efficiency in packing which balances, lightens and provides easy accessibility to rucksack contents. This approach discourages the use of such weighty items as the ammo box, humorously described by the Captain as a grunt "conex".

Top Wallace then introduced the listeners to a lecture by CP medic, "Doc" Schaefer, on a newly designed aid kit which will be carried by all squad leaders. The kit is intended as a supplement to the complete kit carried by the company medics and is calculated to relieve only the more common ills.

Following instruction on preferred placement of the PRC 25 radio (IN the ruck not ON it), practical examples of all these methods were demonstrated by Sgt. Vietch and PFC's Goldberg, Lee and Dodge. We are grateful for their cheerful tolerance of clumsy photographers.

The class was concluded with full display of rucksack and aid kit contents. Cameras clicked, conversation ensued, and all agreed that much had been learned. Our thanks to CPT Montano, Top Wallace, SFC Chisolm and the Drive On men of Delta!

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