Just A Little Walk In The Woods

with the Delta Raiders

Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

Heavy Fighting Near Bastogne

From the Screaming Eagle, 1971

Complements of Philip Brummitt

FIREBASE BASTOGNE Ė "Drive On" troopers of Co. D, 2nd Bn. (Ambl.), 501st Inf., supported by ARA of the 4th Bn. (Ambl.), 77th ARA, recently killed eight NVA soldiers in heavy fighting near F.B. Bastogne, about 11 miles southwest of Hue.

Most of the action took place in the late afternoon as Delta Company began moving to higher ground to lessen the effect of enemy mortar attacks on their position.

One platoon was employed to check the area around the NDP and act as security while the site was being set up and the men were digging-in.

The platoon had moved about 30 yards through the thick vegitation when they received small arms fire. CPT Roger Ebert, company commander, and Hoa, his company scout, moved to the front of the platoon. "They were taking fire from three sides by the time I got there," said CPT Ebert. "By the time the second platoon arrived as reinforcements, we were getting hit with 60mm mortar and RPG fire."

While maneuvering around the heavily entrenched enemy SP4 James Zwit spotted a camoflaged enemy position. Aiming his M-60 at the enemy, he opened up on the position killing three NVA soldiers inside.

"Later that night we started receiving more 60mm mortar and RPG fire," said SFC Buford Smith. "All we could do was dig in and wait. As we were digging in the men began finding air vents and passage ways to a tunnel complex." When the firing ceased, the Drive On Screaming Eagles moved to another NDP site.

Later on the enemy started shooting in. Under light from illumination rounds, CPT Ebert left the perimeter of his NDP site and crawled through the thick vegitation until he was no more than 15 yards from an enemy position. Undetected, CPT Ebert moved closer until he could see the enemy and then lobbed a grenade into the position killing two more NVA soldiers.

Grenades Donít Bother One Geronimo Trooper

From the Screaming Eagle, 1971

FIREBASE BASTOGNE Ė PFC Philip Brummitt, Co. D, 2nd Bn., 501st Inf., recently escaped injury twice while his unit was in contact with an unknown sized enemy force near FB Bastogne, about 11 miles southwest of Hue.

"Two of my buddies were pinned down by heavy fire and one of them was yelling for an M-60 machine gun," Brummitt explained.

As PFC Brummitt moved forward the machine gun caught in the vines causing him to fall. "Before I could get up, something hit me in the middle of my back. I looked around and saw it was a grenade. All I could think of was keep down and donít move," said PFC Brummitt.

After laying there for a few minutes he realized that it was a dud. "I got a little shaky after that but but I had to help my buddies out," he said.

PFC Brummitt reached his friends and set up the M-60 before going back for more ammunition.

"As I started to return, I fell again. This time over a fallen tree. I got up just as another grenade landed about 10 yards away. I couldnít get down this time and I prayed it was another dud."

This one wasnít a dud but PFC Brummitt must have had his luck out in force because he was only hit with dirt, stones and one piece of shrapnel from the exploding grenade. The shrapnel went through his back pocket and lodged in the lucky Screaming Eaglesí wallet.


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