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Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

There have been many articles and stories written about the Delta Raiders while in Vietnam and since coming home. The links below will take you to articles written about the Raiders that were published in various military papers and magazines, as well as a few stories written by Raiders about their experiences in Vietnam.       --  Blackie

Raider Writings

Hill 100 - Written by Cleo Hogan in August of 1968 for Stars & Stripes Magazine. Cleo Hogan was the Raider Company Commander during 1968.

Delta Raiders Overrun Outpost - From The Screaming Eagle, 1968. Complements of Hugh S. Garland.

Infantry, Arty Chew Up NVA Unit - From the Screaming Eagle, 1968. By Spec. 4 Charles Bailey.

Going Home - The story of Sgt. Ronald D. Scott’s last few days in Vietnam before DEROS and his ride on the Freedom Bird. Taken from the Spring 1969 "Rendezvous With Destiny"

Heavy Fighting Near Bastogne - From the Screaming Eagle, 1971. Complements of Philip Brummitt.

Hill 805, A First Sergeant Remembers - A perspective from a First Sergeants point of view. Written by John Schuelke in July 1986. John Schuelke was the Raider 1st Sgt. during 1970.

The Introduction - My first mission as a Delta Raider. Written by Blackie

Across The River & Into… - The "Delta Raiders" preparing for Monsoon. The Army Reporter, 1971.

Raiders "Lighten The Load"  - From some publication in Vietnam, probably the Screaming Eagle, 1971.

You should know soldier Joe Hooper - Published Jan, 86, Joliet Herald-News, Joliet, IL. Joe Hooper was one of two Raider Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

Most decorated soldier died without any public notice - Reprinted from the Seattle Times. A story about Joe Hooper, one of two Raider Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

Airborne Trooper Saves Girl - From the Brigade Bullet - 15 August, 1971. Complements of Donald Voytek. Not about the Raiders, but pretty funny.

Flashback  - An unforgettable fishing trip. Written by Blackie in 1984.

Night Sweats - Have you ever listened to the jungle at night? Written by a fellow Vietnam Vet.

'Grunt' More Than A Name - From the Screaming Eagle Orientation Issue, 1971 Edition. We were proud to be called "Grunts"

The List - A very special story about the search for our KIA families. Written by Mickey Susanne Robertson in 1991. Mickey is the wife of an "original Raider"

Delta Raiders Ambushed Near Firebase Bastogne - Written by Mike "Machine Gun" Kelly for Vietnam Magazine. This is a story about the battle near Nam Hoa and Jim Zwit's search for surviving family members of a friend killed during there.

To My dad on Veterans day - A very nice tribute to Rich Policz and the Delta Raiders written by his son.

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