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Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

This page is dedicated to the following Delta Raiders who were Killed in Action during the battle near Nam Hoa in April of 1971.

Ronald Eugene Bales 4/15/71

Terry Willard Greene 4/15/71

Robert Charles Hein 4/15/71

Paul McKenzie 4/15/71

Jerry Sheldon Stearns 4/15/71

William James Ward 4/15/71

Rex Martin Daniels 4/16/71

Charles Dennis McGinnes 4/16/71


They are not forgotten

The following information was taken from official radio transmissions, log records and after action reports documented during the battle near Nam Hoa.

April 11, 1971

1200H The 2-501 became OPCON to 2nd BDE.

April 14, 1971

1600H (YD582025 - 4.5 KM E of FB Blaze): Co. D discovered a 3 foot wide trail oriented north-south. There were indications of enemy activity within the last 48 hours.

April 15, 1971

1305H (YD582020 - Nam Hoa): 2/D and 3/D observed enemy movement at YD5SDD18, 250m from their position. Arty was employed on the enemy position. At 1325H an OH-6A received 1 RPG round from the same enemy element resulting in negative hits or casualties. Additional artillery fire and an airstrike were employed and a visual reconnaissance of the area had negative results.

1848H (YD583013 - 4 KM SE of FB Veghel): While en route to a LZ where Co. A had contact on April 13, Co. D received RPG rounds and small arms fire from an unknown size enemy force in a tunnel complex 300m south of their position. The element returned organic weapons fire and then received heavy small arms fire, RPG rounds, and 60mm mortar rounds from an estimated reinforced NVA company surrounding their position. Artillery, ARA, a Nighthawk, flareships, a Shadow, FAC and a Basketball were employed to assist Delta Company.

Ground contact was broken at 2025H, with 4 US KIA, 2 US MIA, and 10 serious US WIA reported at the time. Urgent medevacs were requested with the first medevac completed to 85th Evac at 2042H and a second medevac completed at 2050H. The medevac aircraft received RPG rounds and small arms fire, and there still remained 8 wounded men in urgent need of extraction. The POL point at FB Birmingham was urgently opened up so that all aircraft involved in the support of Co. D could be refueled. At 2130H additional flareships were requested and additional gunships placed on standby, as the Division TOC was complaining that the emergency re supply for artillery illumination was not passed through their channels.

At 2153H another medevac was completed, making a total of 3 US WIA evacuated to 85th Evac. The medivac aircraft received an unknown number of hits and small arms fire and mortar fire, with the fire appearing to come from all directions. At 2223H the fourth medivac aircraft (Dustoff 93) received an unknown number of small arms fire hits while making an extraction. 1 crew member received a minor wound in the leg and the medevac was forced to abort the extraction and return to home station. At 2243H the fifth attempted medevac (Dustoff 94) reported taking 10-12 hits by enemy fire. With it's fuel gauge reading zero and internal radio problems the aircraft aborted its mission and returned to home base. At 2312H LTC Michael Boos (2-501 CO) reported that there would be no more medevacs attempted until daylight the next morning. At this time the Battalion TOC reported there remained 5 US WIA in need of a medevac and 10 US WIA that were "not serious".

April 16, 1971

The medevac aircraft for Co. D were reported on station at 0614H and 0632H. At 0655H the first medevac attempt to Delta Company (Dustoff 92) received numerous hits of 12.7mm machine gun fire and the aircraft was forced to abort mission and return to FB Bastogne to check the damage. The ARA with the medevac engaged the enemy element and also received heavy machine gun fire. At 0710H Co. D moved east with patients on litters. At 0750H the Company received small arms fire from 360 degrees with negative casualties. The Company returned organic weapons fire. At this time the Company reports there remain 8 WIA's to be evacuated from previous contact. The Delta CO also reported it has enemy to their front and rear and in between them and 3rd Platoon. The BN CO advised the Company to "reduce enemy and move to the east." The Company continued to receive ARA and TAC AIR support.

At 0830H Dustoff 92 went back in and completed a medevac with 2 WIA's to 85th Evac, another dustoff to 85th Evac with 2 WIA's was completed at 0933H, and a third dustoff (Dustoff 90) was completed to 85th Evac with 3 WIA's at 0945H. Upon departure of the last medevac the Company again received heavy small arms fire and RPG fire, and an unknown number of mortar rounds at 1002H, resulting in an additional 3 US WIA (1 critical). An urgent medevac was requested. At 1016H a dustoff (Dustoff 92) was completed to FB Bastogne with 2 WIA's (1 US DOA at Bastogne), later taken to 85th Evac. Another dustoff (Dustoff 90) was completed at 1026H with 3 WIA's to 85th Evac, completing the extraction of all serious Co. D wounded.

At 0847H battalion requested an aircraft with a hoist for extraction of 5 Co. D KIA's, but the request was turned down because all available aircraft were working for the 2-501 extracting WIA's. Total casualties for Co. D for the April 15-16 contact: 14 US WIA (E), 6 US KIA (Ronald Eugene Bales, Rex Martin Daniels, Robert Charles Hein, Terry Willard Greene, Charles Dennis McGinnes, and William James Ward,. 2 US MIA (later changed to KIA: Paul McKenzie and Jerry Sheldon Stearns). The bodies of Paul McKenzie and Jerry Stearns were not recovered from the field until May 12 (along with 1 body from Co. A).

At 1444H an Engineer Team (0/326) repelled to YD581021 to cut a LZ for the extraction of Co. D. At 1645H the Company was moved by air from that location to FB Birmingham (completed at 1728H), and then moved again by air from Birmingham to Phu Bai.

The April 15-16 contact involving Delta Company was one of the last significant engagements involving U.S. ground troops in Vietnam.

One of the pilots involved in the rescue attempts during the battle near Nam Hoa has written a story about his mission. Please click on the Eagle Dustoff link below to read it. To view the actual log records taken from radio transmissions to the pilots, click on the  Nam Hoa 2 link below.

Eagle Dustoff

Nam Hoa 2

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