Just A Little Walk In The Woods

with the Delta Raiders

Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

My favorite books..

Delta Raiders

This is a very detailed chronology of the day to day activities of D 2/501 101st Airborne Division during the entire time they were stationed in Vietnam. The information was collected from log records and other radio transmissions, as well as official after action reports from missions. Also included are 200 photos and several stories written by Raiders. This limited edition book was published by Southern Heritage Press. Copies are still available through the Delta Raiders of Vietnam Association at $29.95 each plus $5.95 shipping. To order send check or money order to Chuck Leshikar, 1011 W. Anderson Ln., Austin, TX 78757, or call 1-512-376-2602.


Ripcord, Screaming Eagles Under Siege, 1970, by Keith William Nolan

This book hits very close to home for the Delta Raiders. An NVA Division had surrounded Firebase Ripcord and Delta Company was sent to take and hold nearby Hill 805. After 5 days and nights on the hill we had lost 11 killed and 56 wounded. Hill 805 was only a small part of this major battle in Northern I Corps. Nolan does an excellent job of covering every detail of the battle for Firebase Ripcord, from it's birth on April 10th through the extraction under fire on July 23rd.. from the Grunts nightmares on the ground to the Generals decisions in the air. Ripcord is available in book stores or through Presidio Press at www.presidiopress.com


The 13th Valley, a Novel by John M. Del Vecchio

If you have ever wondered what a combat mission was really like for the Grunts in a unit of the 101st Airborne Division in Northern I Corps this is the book to read. It was based on several missions of the operation that took place right after the extraction from Firebase Ripcord in July of 1970. John Del Vecchio was drafted into the Army and served as a Combat Correspondent with the 101st Airborne Division. He lived with the Grunts in the jungle and you can tell it in his writing. I have never read a book that lets you feel the jungle and a firefight quite like this one does. It's a must read.

Vietnam: Reflexes and Reflections

Nearly 200 works of art from the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, along with excerpts from the artists'  letters,  poems and memoirs are included in this extraordinary book. You can be told about war and you can read about war, but the only way to even come close to feeling war is to either be in one, or through the art in this book and at the museum. The National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum houses over 700 pieces of fine art created by 117 artists who served in the Vietnam War in all branches of the service. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Available in book stores and at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, IL


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